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Chef Sheereen Clark

Passion for culinary arts is found in the pots and pans and Sheereen Clark found herʼs in her Aunts kitchen. Born in Paterson, NJ Sheereen Clark later moved to Newark, NJ which she spent most of her time in a small kitchen in a corner green house in the weequaic section of Newark, NJ. Her urban culture contributes to the essence of many of her dishes and the many nights that she shared in the kitchen with her aunt cooking her Nannaʼs recipeʼs that were passed down for generations.  Her passion for cooking led her to Hudson Community College where she excelled in Culinary Arts and after graduating she returned to the place that she called home (Newark) where she engaged in philanthropy work.

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Fantastic food, and accommodation. We utilize Nannas Kitchen Catering twice each time the food has been wonderfully, delicious and on point.

— Anthony Kurt

Everyone had a great time and ranted about the spread.

— Jenn Fisher

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