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payment faqs

I want to pay with my card online but it says "We'll call". What does that mean?

Well first, we want to call to thank you for exciting your tastebuds with Nannas Kitchen. But we will also be calling you to confirm your order before preparing. Look out for a follow-up email from Nannas Kitchen that will provide the option to take care of your invoice using a card - online!

Do you accept CashApp?

Why, yes we do! We are all about making your hunger needs easier to satisfy. Send your CashApp payment to ($) . Please provide your order number in the "for" section of your CashApp payment before sending. A confirmation email from Nannas Kitchen will be sent within two (2) hours of payment receipt. If you do not receive an email confirming receipt of your CashApp payment within this time, please contact us via the contact area of the website or sending us an email directly at

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